Monday, October 26, 2009

There was a pink STORM

Here is a picture from our Men in Pink hockey game.
Rainy drizzly day today. Snow up in the mountains. Seems so early for the snow. It always makes me wonder what our winter will be like. Jordan and my Dad went hunting today. I wonder if they will get anything. I tried to tell them just drive to town at night or early morning and you can get at least two right in front of your truck. It might be a little bruised. But they are there just waiting to mess you up.
Today is catch up day. Time to tidy,check the laundry. Which amazing enough I am keeping caught up on the laundry. I am hooping to fit a walk in with Savannah today. I have to pick up the kids from school as we have a full night at hockey. So I hope to head in a bit earlier to walk.
This morning during chores my ole pig was out just walking around. Then tow chickens got out when I was washing out the water dish. So I had a quick round up all on my own. Then my Emu and I had an argument. He hates change and I was trying to give him a new food dish. So he was called some very choice words (hope no one was listening) man he is an ungrateful bird.
Well I should run and do some house cleaning. Have a good day
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