Friday, October 30, 2009

2010 Winter Olympics

The Olympic Torch has arrived in Canada. That makes me so happy. I am going to leave my TV on for the whole two weeks during the Olympics. It is even more exciting that the Olympics are in British Columbia. YEAH US!! There has been a lot of criticism from people. However that means nothing people love to snivel. It would not matter what decisions were made for our Province someone would not like it. However me! I am proud we are hosting the 2010 Olympics. I hope Canada kicks Ass and we win an amazing amount of medals. The world will be amazed and awed at our beautiful Province.
Be Proud
Be Strong
We are Canadian
I am not sure what my favorite sport will be to watch. I like it all. The Figure Skating, I love the speed skating actually all of it I love it all.
It is such a positive thing for children to watch. When the Olympics are over we will have some beautiful buildings, improved roads, renewed pride and a strong Canada.
Lets pray everyone catches on and make this work for home.
Be Strong Be Canadian

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