Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sparkle relaxing
This weekend has been so full of hockey. All the kids had games we won some and we lost some. I think they all enjoyed themselves. We traveled far, we traveled on good roads.
Saturday night we went to Men in Pink. The Kamloops storm junior B team. It was there fund raiser game for Breast Cancer. It was amazing so many fans all in pink.
They threw T-shirts. We made out lucky and caught two. We bought Jordan's pink jersey and the money goes for a donation. I kept making Allan go up and check to make sure I won it. YEAH ME. However oh my goodness the smell...
Yesterday in the middle of the day Kamloops weather was beautiful. It was really nice. It seemed colder today. I got a chill so bad in the arena today.
I think I am going to make something with all our souvenirs from the Pink hockey game. Plus add 184 pictures. I will plan my mini book and show you when I am done.
I actually have started to knit again at the arena. I am just to doing a basic scarf. No thinking required just straight forward.
Then I have been wanting to make a Christmas stocking out of silk ribbon embroidery so I might start that soon. I like to do a Christmas project.
Well as soon as my kids get home I would like to go to bed. They all went back to the arena to watch their Dad play hockey. Have a good night
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freshisle said...

Knitting is good. And it will help keep you warm during all those hockey games! Tee, hee!

Jane said...

I think,but dont quote me cos I could be wrong,Larrys brothers son plays for Kamloops junior B team,his name is Brady Jorgensen.Our eldest,Jack, is coming out to visit his grandparents ,uncle and cousins after Christmas and is really looking forward to watching some hockey.He is bringing his girlfriend,Naomi, i think she will be impressed with everything Canadian.