Friday, October 16, 2009

Today was a busy day. I am so tired. It rained quite a bit today but the temperature was warm. Tonight we had quite a bit of hockey so we were in town. I stayed and watched my oldest daughter play. While Allan went to the other arena. Then the next two days is a lot of juggling with a full schedule of hockey.
My brother in laws oldest son who is sixteen cut off four of his fingers in his woodworking class today at school. He is down in children's hospital now. I have just heard they could not save his fingers. Poor kid. They are going to graft skin from his hips to put on his fingers. Man that has to be tough. I bet he is just sick. The other sad part is Chuck his dad can not even go to see him. That is because Chuck is in the hospital with a bad back has been for the week. Then Chucks girlfriend is also in the hospital right now. Man that is crazy. I am staying away in case it catches. I find all this news a little stressful.
I really need to go to bed my eyes are shutting as I type this. I hope you all have a pleasant evening.
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Anonymous said...

OMG!! what a terrible thing. Is there somewhere we can send our messages. Which boy is it?

Anonymous said...

How Sad,..
I sure hope that he recovers fast... Give a grrr to Chuck for me.