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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I really do love Fall. It is such a pretty time of year. We seem to take the time to make the house cozy, the smell of wood stoves in the air. Good hearty meals. Homemade soup, stews and roasted chicken. I love to see the wood piles on the door steps and wood sheds bursting at their seems. The hay sheds are full. It gives me such a nice feeling...oh... maybe because it is too cold for the snakes to play....
This morning we were up early had chores done and then I drove the kids in for school. I had a meeting at the high school for Dalton. It was good and now it is done for the year. Now I just have to keep up and make sure home work is done, they like their teachers and that they go to school without contacting the swine flu
I bought grain this morning and pellets for the pellet stove.
I do have to run as I need to go into town. I will stop and see Nana. Then pick up kids drop some off at the arena. Drive home drop some off at home. Head back into town go to the arena. Then come home pick up some more kids then drive back into town to the arena. That will be my day. So have a wonderful day. Take Care
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freshisle said...

I love fall, too. It really is my favourite season.