Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sparkle has been trying to be cute this last week. Very photogenic even though she shredded toilet paper all over the kitchen this morning.
Oh my goodness the dogs have barked the whole night...all night. I woke up and went to look but I can never see anything. So as soon as day light breaks I will go out and look around. We came home late last night after 10pm. Then by the time we went to sleep, plus add the dogs it has made for a long, long night.
Last night my daughter had the time keeping course to teach at the arena. It last a long time. When she was done there was two young girls thirteen still waiting for a ride. They did not have one. We gave them a ride home. I am totally at lost with some parents!!!! It made me so angry if they can not look after their kids they should not have had any. NO EXCUSE!!! there is no way they should have been left their. I wonder if someone would have come to get them or would they have to walk. It was pouring rain, sleet and snow. Dark late and the useless parents at home. If they have to work either do not put the kids in things or sleep in your vehicle and wait like the rest of us. Or arrange for someone else.
Jordan left for Kamloops last night and had a terrible drive over. It makes me sick. He said it was sooo slippery. Thank Goodness for guardian angels.
I should run and make sure my kids are out of bed.
Have a good day and do something Great. Accomplish something awesome. I wonder what I will do today that is Great?
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Jane said...

I think that was a very great thing you did Gigi to bring those two girls home.I agree, some parents do not do the right thing.