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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here are two of my children's pictures. They are so beautiful

Look how grown up this boy is.

The days are so amazing how fast they are flying by.
Are day's see to be filled up with soccer, driving to town, hockey, concession duty and planning. It was nice I did not have to go into town until after school time. We were all off to watch soccer
but by the time I had the kids picked up it was over. We missed it. We were going to go to Princeton tonight for a hockey game but my son is sick. I don't think it is the swine flue just the regular kind. My youngest daughter told me only 10- 12 kids were in her class again today. I so hope my kids do not bring the flu home.
I am really having a hard time writing this. I can not stay awake. I think I will go have tea and call it a day.
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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of the kids! Is that Nish's grad photo?
Dalt looks so handsome and 'cool'.

Sunflower Farm said...

no not her grad photo they do that in November

Anonymous said...

Dalton nearly smiled. The photographer must have made him vulnerable