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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This nasty little creature was in our pond it was long like a snake or worm hard and very thin absolutely horrible. Does anybody know what it is? Today was very warm and the day flew by before we new it bedtime. We had company today my brother in law in his girlfriend and their kids it was a nice time kids played real nice. I also went into Lower Nicola with my two son to pick up a pair of turkeys that my mom bought us. Then my middle son bought him self a Siamese kitten, a little girl she is so tiny I will post a picture of her tomorrow and surprising enough my husband did not say to much however I bet he wanted to.Well I am off to get ready for bed have a good night.
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Silk said...

hi... too bad Andrea's hubby is away, i am sure he would know what your long skinny creature is.. save the picture till he gets home, another couple of weeks...we had a great day at Baillie house...see ya soon slk