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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Exciting is Goats Milk

My boys have been Milking the goats and were so excited to try drinking it
Look at that those face you should have heard the giggling

Serious cookie dipping

Today we had a busy day I worked outside in the yard watered the yard pruned roses it was quite enjoyable. Then I sewed a bit totally messed and then spent the rest of any fun time I had ripping out the mess. Then we went to Kamloops for a part for the logging truck stopped at Wal Mart and came home. When we ere in Wal Mart in Kamloops they had a code alert of a missing child a three year old in a Super Man suit. Poor family must have been a sick feeling for awhile. It is pretty neat all the workers stop and scan the store and the washrooms.
It was raining on our way home and it is lightening out now. I wonder what that will bring. No Work, Fires or just relief to the dry forests.
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