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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is such a beautiful spot
The river is rushing very fast and the noise is deafening it is a loud roar of water.
For the river not be very wide it crashes along these rocks amazingly so.

Again I am quite tired I was up at 2:20am to get my 14 year old son up for work and this time I made myself go back to sleep after 3:30am. It was quiet in the house for a few hours my oldest daughter took my three youngest children for a picnic in town, I think they just about drove her nuts only the boys it must be a boy thing. I made a miniature photo album for my oldest boy of his dog that he just lost and it seems Burton has not left the property yet so far most of the kids keep coming up to me and say they keep seeing Burton. Poor, Poor dog he really loved the kids it really breaks my heart.
I am waiting for my middle daughter to come home she should be home around 9:30pm she has been away for two weeks visiting my sister I can't wait to see her and Mimzy will be excited to see her too.
My oldest daughter has been Nordic Pole walking with me, we measured our new route we made and it is 9.8km so that really pleased us we figure if we are going to walk we my as well make it worth while.
Today we pumped out our top part of the pond scraped the bottom clean remove the 100's of tadpoles and left it empty to dry to make sure everything is dead and then we will refill it. We had to or our yard would be over run in frogs and then what comes withs frogs SNAKES....................
I also spent a lot of the day printing photo's so I do hope I am winning on that. Well have a good night pleasant dreams.
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