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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today most of the day was used to trim goats, put fly spray on them and just generally check the little one's over. This girl was resting her head and her horns over my shoulder.
Is he not cute he looks quite pleased with himself.
Mercury is absolutely beautiful don't you just want to give him a kiss. When we try to take his picture he thinks we are playing games so it is very hard to get a good photo. The day just flew by it started at 5am heading into town to pick up chicks then we worked on goats until lunch time then we raked and picked up pine cones in the field. After that I let the kids play and I finished my purse I was sewing. Then we got our chores all done before supper so we did not have to go out . We had no sleep last night the power went out for quite awhile and we spent most of the night looking for flash lights. So as soon as my son phones I am off to bed but I don't think he will be in from the fire until 9:30 ish then he said he would phone. On the news it said they had it contained so I am not sure what that means for my son maybe he will be heading home tomorrow.
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