Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spilled Yogurt

This is what you do if you spill a big container of yogurt on the get spoon and eat it up right off the floor! My youngest son is just hay wire he is always bouncing, flying around a hundred miles an hour, full of life , happy, never sits for two minutes. So when he slept for over two hours this afternoon I worried he wasn't feeling well earlier but he seems better tonight. I think it is just too many late nights. Last night they watched Alvin and the Chipmunks I could hear them laughing and giggling all through the house.
Today we cleaned all day and my two boys came home from work and messed it up within seconds. So unfortunately I am still cleaning tonight and the kids are all still up.
It was a very cool day we actually lit the fire to get the chill out of the house all morning we were freezing, noses were running so I thought this is dumb Light the fire. I am not too sure what is up with our summer weather but it sure has been crazy it was over heard it was -1 in some places today.
Have a wonderful sleep and talk to you all soon.
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