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Monday, July 07, 2008

My goodness the days go by fast I am finding they just fly by. I went to town to buy a few 2 x 4's then I got a horrible blister from hammering. I honestly can 't even tell you what I did today but the day is over. I was driving the tractor with hay to feed the cows tonight and I had to go on a slant Oh my gosh I was scared I will not go that way again it really wasn't even that bad but I hated the feeling I think I will use the four wheeler next time.
My son went to work at the fire base today then he is on call tonight until midnight so he is staying at a friends house. I truly don't think a fire could start tonight it is so cold out, I took the kids swimming then I had to do pipes on the field and I was so cold.
Tonight my daughter called me from Bridge Lake it was her 3rd call today I wonder if she is homesick.... she still has a few weeks in Tumbler ridge to go yet. While I was talking to her I was multi tasking of watering plants, talking on the phone and feeding my doves all at the same time well one flew out so I called my boys and we caught him near our pond. The man I bought my doves from tamed them and cut one wing so they will not fly away but still I am glad I caught him and put him in his cage again safe.
Every time I came inside today I would print out some of my blog it has been three years and it is the closes thing I have done to keeping a diary so over 500 pages later I am all printed out and ready to make into booklets. I recommend everyone who has a blog do this then in 100 years they can read about you because I ma pretty sure our computers will not be still working. Also those who have digital cameras PRINT OUT YOUR PHOTO's I have 17,900 pictures from my camera in our computer. Half of those photo's are on back up disks and all of them are on a back up hard drive and half our printed out.... a little more work to do then I am caught up.

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