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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is the purse I made it is quite fun. I would like to use stiffer interfacing next time but his was all I had at home. I used this purse in town and had a lady ask me if I would make her one. That's cool but I did tell her I am so a "beginner". I am just about finished my quilt I am making I need to work a bit on it tonight. Then my next project is a pair of casual pants with Amy Butler fabric. I my as well enjoy sewing because once September comes I will have NO MORE TIME!
It has been a cooler, windy day and I noticed the forest fire sign is down to High from Extreme.
My younger boys are outside shooting Potato guns I wonder if they are dangerous. We bought the toy guns at the Dollar store today I remember my brother had one when he was little. I have found a very fun magazine and I am really enjoying it. It is called Mary Janes Farm I already have a great book of hers but I do like this magazine also.
We have an old trailer on the top of our property filled with absolute rubbish that I absolutely LOVE. It is so much fun to go through and rummage my youngest daughter loves to go through it also. However the darn squirrels have just about wrecked it all which is such a shame. Well must go do something constructive have a wonderful night enjoy the summer evening before we know it it will be fall then Winter.
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Anonymous said...

Gig, I LOVE this purse!! Oh my goodness it is beautiful! You must be so proud of yourself! Pretty cool to be walking around with a 'one of a kind'!
It is starting to get chilly in the mornings and at night now. I am just praying that doesn't mean our summer is over. (Good thing I am moving south!)
Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I want one..

I want one .

in reds/mauves

Love your mother.

Anonymous said...

Love the purse. Did you Scotch Guard it?

I saw a big quilt shop in Beaver Lodge and thought you would like it. There must be lots of quilters out on those prairies to warrant a whole store for squares.