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Thursday, July 24, 2008

This would be Tomato because his cone and under his neck is very red or so I am told. My boys love chickens they are all named and taught tricks and cuddled.
Today we had to break down and buy a new washing machine I had wanted t wait until our dishwasher was paid for but the poor ole machine could not do another load. Our old machine was not old just a little bit too old for warranty and the last time we had to fix it this Spring it was nearly 500.00. It was one of those new models the front end loader type NOPE NO GOOD it did not last any longer than a cheap one and we had to get someone out three time to look at it. So I told my husband just go for a cheap one as we will have to replace it within two years anyways. I do not know how much it cost as I had to leave to go into town and he just came home with it.
I am quite tired our day starts about 2.20am then I went back to be for 3:30ish and up again at 5:45am. We do have some crazy nights around here.
Tonight I went into town to make cards it was fun and the ladies who teach the night make it so simple even though I manage to mess up and do something totally different on each card.
So my son called me tonight from the Lumby fire and tells me he is going to Powell River and Campbell River Not sure on the spelling of those towns to go try out for the junior A and junior B team Sigh...... what am I to do. I know I will never get to a game as you have to take the ferry and it is so far away, too expensive just to pop over. Oh well no point in stressing I can't change it. Well have a wonderful night all my children are still awake so I had better go to bed and see if they will go to sleep.
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