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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Garden's are good for the soul, give one inspiration and produce a calmness.

Today it ended up getting quite warm and yet I started my chores before 7am with a sweater. Again the day flew by my parents and my youngest daughter came home from camping while my middle daughter is on her way up to Tumbler Ridge for a few weeks. It is a long time to be gone but she should have fun.
Today I was changing sprinklers with our phone on my pants waist and I ran away from getting wet and lost the phone the only problem was I did not know I lost the phone right away so I had to completely back track my whole morning. Then I could not find it I had to send my boys out to look for it, sure enough it was in the tall grass right under the sprinkler.
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Anonymous said...

Your garden is absolutely lovely! Now that I will only be 3 1/2 hours north of you, you can come and landscape my yard! You have a knack for it!