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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More of my son's fire pictures
He managed to get some pretty cool photo's
Today we went to town to pay bills, buy groceries and then we stopped at the park and went for a walk on a new walking trail the Town put in awhile ago. Tonight I changed my walking route at least until it cools off so there is less people on the road, less people at the river, less people having a party at the river, and it just happens I saw a big snake on last nights walk. I tell you that snake is growing every time I think of him and yes it had to be a him ack slimy little creature I hate snakes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I will drive it tomorrow and try to get a route of at least 5km hopefully more. It will be better so I have a choice so not to have boredom, like I can with snakes on the road. I also can see home for a good chunk of my walk and I am closer to people's houses.
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