Saturday, July 05, 2008

Poor Burt

We have had a long day the stress level at this house is unbearable.
The good part of our day we had a baby cria born today a little girl Alpaca she is very cute.
The sad part is we found Burton he did go up to the next level of our property last night when the boys fed the cows and it looks like he was looking for squirrels. His collar got caught on a large round blade (circular saw type) and he choked to death. As horrible as that is the it is not the worst. We looked for over 2 hours last night until after 11pm all of us calling him with flash lights the van, 4 wheeler, scooter lights and the horrible part is my kids and then my husband were parked within a foot and half away from Burton and they could not see him. Can you imagine how scared he was trying to get to them all. I can only hope that he had died before he heard us calling him or before we were right next to him. I just can 't take it all in when I found him I could have gone hysterical I had already gone by him twice and I mean right by him so when I found him I got such a shock.
I had to tell my son over the phone as he is still at the fire it was horrible he got very, very quiet. My middle son is sobbing in the living room as I write this it is so hard on the kids when you loose a pet I just hate it.
I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster it is exhausting sometimes I wish it would all stop you wonder how much you can take. Sometimes the stuff that stresses you out seems small but our heart has a terrible time taking it all in. I don't know why but there always seems to be so much drama here and it is funny I am sure we don't go looking for it but it has a great way of showing up on our door step.
Well I just want you to know Burton was a fun dog, not perfect but he sure loved the kids. He seemed really happy and sometimes not very brave but he sure loved Jordan. Heaven is a happier place today because Burt is bouncing around looking for things to get into, finding some goats to herd the wrong way, looking for something awful to roll in and finding a good truck to ride in. One of his favorite places was the dam. Thanks for making our life a little bit brighter Burt rest in Peace buddy. LOVE YOU!
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