Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today we had a huge storm wind, thunder, lightening and rain it was crazy for a good part of the day. We had four lightening strikes that I know about my son went out to two small fires. Our storm started when my two younger children and I were up top on our property walking we got caught in the beginning of the storm so we ran home the temperature dropped down to 7 above with rain and a cold wind. Then when the storm passed we could see the mountains above us it had snowed my husband was getting loaded in the bush with his last load and he was being snowed on. CRAZY... I tell you there is no such thing as global warming around here we are in the start of an ice age. Eventually it did warm up my daughter and I went for our walk at three it warmed up and half way we were really hot. I did mange to mow my lawn after supper it is not too good as the grass was still wet but it's done. Well I am tired and I hope to get some sleep tonight I had trouble going back to sleep after I got my son off for work this morning he seems to be getting up okay but 2:30 does come fast. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The pool looks beautiful! And warm. We are off for some busy days up here in the Peace River Country.