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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am not sure how this post is going to go as I am using a different computer again. With this computer my post page is very different. I have to walk outside to come into this room "The Studio" and it was raining ice. I am so glad my daughter is not driving home. She has to do daycare in the morning so she stays in tonight.
It has warmed up a bit but the cold has been making my knees ache again. Today while I was caring wood in the kept giving out and hurt so much. When I warmed them up they were fine. I did not sit out in the cold part of the arena tonight.
Those of you who have children know they "shot gun " everything. They shot gun the front seat, that certain donut or what seat to watch the TV but how do you explain they can not shot gun the Christmas wrapping paper!
We did a little bit of wrapping today. I really do not like to wrap presents. I always dream of these wonderful looking packages. I picture them under the tree looking wonderful. NOT, not in this house. They look horrible. Maybe we will go back to the Victorian days and put the presents unwrapped under the tree.
Today I was pretty much told by the computer technician that 20,000 photos is to much to have on a computer and he would have to back them up on an external drive. I had thought I could put the pictures on a USB drive thing. Nope Instead he is putting them into one file then I can make sure they are backed up on mine then just press delete. Well I must get ready for bed have a pleasant night.

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