Saturday, July 05, 2008

Last night something very odd happened we were sorting goats, sorting rabbits and loading chicks we were off to the auction in the morning. It was about 9:20pm we were just getting ready to call it a day. We moved the truck to our house so the goats had shelter, the boys took a bale up to the cows on the quad and I was putting the last goat and Harry the llama out. My son's dog Burton was there so trying to help we told him no and that was that no big deal no one got mad or yelled at him. Anyway we have not seen him since we looked until 11pm called him checked every place 3-4 times he is nowhere to be found. I went out a 4:45am to look and I am going again I am just waiting for my son to phone as he is still at the fire. I am sick of worry and what am I going to tell my son, he absolutely loves his dog! It is like he has vanished, a few thoughts have entered our mind one he got a bad bunt from a goat and is hurt but where we have looked everywhere, a kick from a cow or a horse ,run over down the road but we have looked or hooked up on his collar. There has been no whimpering or barking Oh my gosh I don't know what to do!!!!!!
It is always one thing or another here the stress unbearable. So on that note I am off to hunt for him. Wish me luck and cross your fingers he is okay and pray my son is okay when I tell him...

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