Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Good Morning a chilly -8 here this morning and still as dark as night outside.
The dogs have been barking so much my son's put up the trail camera and we have a good bunch of coyotes hanging around, plus cougar tracks.
 In the back part of the camera we see eyes and there is something there hard to see just out of the flash.
One son thinks it is a bear and my dad thinks it is a cougar.
 Pretty scary when you think about it.
 I used to walk all the time up there but not any more the last time my son when up the coyotes were trying to call him out the edge of the property.
 Another time when he was up on the back of the property he was being stocked by a coyote one he could handle but we have a pack of four for sure and up to five.
Enjoy your day

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