Thursday, January 09, 2014

I have been looking at other peoples blogs some really write some fun, awesome write ups. They must lead a little more exciting life than me. So maybe I SHOULD add some fun may more iPhone pictures. I watched a lovely add on TV tonight  it was an Apple add where a young teenage boy looks bored with the holidays and visiting with family when really he is making a movie to play for hi family at Christmas~ I watched over and over and then I went and got Miss Hyacinth to come watch it. I was telling her we should learn to use our iPhone since we have them and lovely contracts...
This is an iPhone picture

This is also an iPhone picture
Really one can have so much fun and creativity with these cameras on phones.
Today was such a good day I had so many jobs crossed off my list.
 I was working on a folder for Petit Creek Lavender
come on over and visit us
Well it is seriously late now so off to bed

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