Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It is the end of January and it is crazy mild for this time of the year and I am sure we are going to pay for it with a cool spring. Look at who's tail is growing back oh my goodness I love him he is so majestic and lovely. I have my fingers crossed our eggs will be fertile and we can hatch a few.

Baby Grandson is checking out the new babies he is quite the farmer. This day of the picture he was loving the yellow farm bucket which is now in my house. 
We have five babies as of this morning three boys and two girls. It is in our plans this year to sell them early only time will tell what we will do.

This is Pip the Christmas quail he is growing very nicely and he is really quite bad full of mischief. We have three more we hatched they are not giving me a great hatch but I think it is how long we waited with the eggs.
On Friday our youngest son starts his hockey play offs it is a straight three days of hockey for him. And, both Sam and Hyacinth are in the middle of writing their exams then on to the last semester and full steam to the end for Hyacinth ~ graduation.
All our kids are doing great growing up to be such great adults we are very proud of them.

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