Monday, February 03, 2014

Winter has found us again temperature is dropping this is not too good for the lambing. We have eight little lambs now and so far everyone is fairing well. We have five ewes left to birth out. There is nothing fun about tip toeing across the yard in the middle of the night at -18.
For me lately every little spare time I have I am debudding the lavender I am sure I must be winning at this.

Hockey season for us (Minor Hockey) is done for us another practice it is a shame for Sam but for us we are okay with it ~ time to move on. The kids seem to be getting colds they go so long without one then it slowly creeps into them. Gosh I sure hope I do not get it!!!

This pictures are off my iPhone and then I have a new App that makes them turn into water colour painting. Pretty cool and so much fun

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