Monday, December 15, 2014

Road Trip with my husband and our youngest daughter
Early morning we headed out on an amazing road trip. We hit Kelowna and the mall was open at nine am so Miss Hyacinth did a bit of shopping. She was really quite happy with herself. 
We drove to a place called Boundry country it is a little place called Beaverdell, past Big white which is ski hill (that looked like it needed more snow around there) the little place was this side of rock creek. The only reason it went smooth asking my husband to take me is he hauled a load of logs out of there last winter. I had never been it so it was cool to see somewhere new. Our roads were perfect with all our crazy weather and so many horrible accidents on the highways we totally lucked out. There was not a lot of snow but the side roads and peoples driveways were crazy icy you could have put skates on and go and not even wreck your blades.

We came to a families farm where the are a goatery ~ dairy. They usual carry one hundred does for milking but they are selling off their herd. When the two boys opened up the barn door and over sixty goats ran in all I could do was smile. It was such an awesome site. So many to pick from so hard to pick which one when I really just wanted them all. Imagine just going and buying the herd.

 I bought seven from this farm. Three were a Christmas gift from my Mom and one was a Christmas gift from my Grandson, Daughter and Son in law and then the extras. Plus some friends of ours gave me a goat yesterday and my son's picked her up. So eight new goats which brings my count up to fourteen. All have been with a Billy Goat so we shall see what comes about in two months. I have thirteen does and all have been with a buck so it will be interesting what comes along in the next several months.

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