Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Man oh Man is the cold hanging on we have already burnt so much wood. Our coldest we have hit here on the farm is -26 this morning is -20. It could be a long, long winter. With this cold weather  and garden time done I have enjoyed bringing out other things to do. I have been crocheting and knitting, redo the house, cleaning in general, painting, try fun things. I have our Grandson nearly every day so the days are at a lot slower pace and I am grateful the gardens our done as I would not be able to keep them up.

 Yesterday I was decorating the house a bit for Christmas we have an awful lot of snowflakes to use. Our daughter was going to have a winter wedding we went out and bought a lot of snow flakes to hang well she changed the date to a July wedding so now I get to use snowflakes as a theme. We will get our tree within the next week and half it is hard to fit it in our schedule well not ours, our kids. It is nice to see the decorations come out I am a little worried I have not found our Christmas stockings yet.

The renovation ~ hard to call it that I only did a bit on the living room but it is done. I really liked how it turned out. It wasn't like I didn't like it before it was awesome but I was worried about behind the wood stove. I will post pictures on here a bit later. I did mosaic behind the wood stove with tile it was hell to grout then on either side of the wood stove walls I painted and used a spackle to create faux bricks. It turned out great I would have loved to use all tile but it would have been too heavy for our home.

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