Sunday, December 07, 2014

 A snow day this little boy loves to go out and have a play in it.

 Cowboy likes to sit really close to this little guy while he is playing.

 We have been having up and down weather super cold to super mild hard on my skating rink we have had the rink where you could skate on it only to melt right away. So we are trying our luck again but the weather is too iffy so we will see how it makes it this winter.
Yesterday was so mild we worked outside for several hours it was so nice to not rush through feeding and fly back inside because it is so cold. We fixed a pen ( a little rough) where our pigs had been so we could put our little miserable Billy goat in there. He is friendly until he takes a full speed run at your knees and smells so bad, he loves to pee all over himself which I told him is a really disgusting habit. I can now go in and visit the does and pet them and get them to know me all over again.

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