Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We are enjoying our Christmas break. It is wonderful.
Our two new baby bucks were born. Jingle and Jangle
The largest one has a black head with white lines and a white body. As soon as we seen his first foot we knew he was huge. The second boy has a deep red head and white body. Both are well, both are typical bucks snorting, stamping feet and tongue out. Very, very cute.
Our home is all decorated it is very cozy and warm. Our baking is done. However I do think we will need to make some more cookies it seems Dalton and Sam are craving cookies and really, really need to eat them.
Today we are Celebrating Winter Solstice. We are going to skate, make chocolates, cut out snowflakes, hot dog roast, my sister and her family are going to visit.
We have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies plus a few "boy movies" Rocky, fighting, transformers...
Funny thing if you want to clean out a room put a Barbie Christmas movie on which I love.
Have a wonderful day.

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