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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Good Morning
February already. Wow is the time going by fast. Our weather has been jumping around all over we are at -9 right now then we warm up to amazing temperatures during the day then it starts to drop down
Today is a firewood day. We are nearly out. Ahhh not good we have used a lot of wood so far this winter.
My husband is away a lot now so I am in need to recruit my kids and get splitting.

So many projects are being done here. My kitchen is done I finished the last bit yesterday. Now the real work starts trying to keep it clean. That alone is a full days chore.

Our middle son has won his first round of hockey play offs. I went to the first game then his older sister her family and his brother and sisters took him to his second. Youngest son starts first round next week.
I get so excited knowing we are soooo close to being done hockey.

I have had an order of of one hundred bath bombs all lavender for a Lavender farm over in the Okanagan. So that should keep me busy for awhile.

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