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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The other day we walked up back and found a large tree on the fence line plus some smaller trees hanging over the fence on the side way up. So I guess that will have to go onto a list of to do's...
Our weather has been jumping around again warm, cold, snow and wind. It really has been a strange winter. We still have used up a lot of wood though.
Lambing and kidding is soon we start on any time after the fifth for the goats and any time after the tenth for the sheep. I hope it goes fast, smooth and is warm.
My oldest son and his girlfriend are home for a week. It is so good to see him again he has not been home since just after Christmas. So our house is full as my oldest daughter and her baby also came over for a sleep over. So kids, babies sleeping every where on the floor with made up beds. Ahh I love it.
My middle son is booked for the end of March for his driving test so on Sunday is his first driving lesson. I hope to get at least four lessons for him. Then my middle daughter is going in to have her "N" driving test done. Ahh then on May eighth my youngest daughter can go in for learners. Sigh no wonder I live under stress.
Take care and enjoy your first day of Marc ours sure came in like a Lion but at this moment it is kind of resembling a Lamb.

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