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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wow it has been quite a few days but that just goes to show you that I have been extremely BUSY. It has been never ending days.
All week we have been dealing with Brown Goat she became extremely sick, so all week we have been watching her. Many trips out to the barn all night long. Finally on Friday she had a baby girl plus she had a little boy he was breach and never took a breath. Poor little guy. Actually there was nothing little about them. Big babies, which was a surprise as she has not been well for the whole pregnancy.
We have been bottle feeding the little baby. The poor ole mom is in rough shape so I have to figure out how to get her better and to gain weight. She sure does love her little girl though.
So we have one sheep left to lamb thank goodness! I am exhausted.
The last two weekends we have done auction trips and now that leaves us one trip done. Hopefully next week.
We are going to only keep the hair sheep and a few goats.
It is hard to do, hard to send them away this is the part I hate.

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