Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I hope your Spring is going well. It has warmed up the last few days. It has been really nice. However the warm weather also has triggered off fires, forest fires and grass fires. It is way too early in the season for that.
We are still waiting on our last sheep to lamb, she is so slow it is actually amazing.
Today we took the day off and went into Kamloops to buy a Grad suit, that is one good job to have done. Our middle son is graduating this June.
Across the highway and river there has been a forest fire on the mountain. My middle son is training to be a fire fighter and he went out on his first two fires, the one across the highway was one of them. We had our binoculars out looking for him.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Morning
It is a wonderful morning here. Sunny and it did not freeze last night.
This weekend is our last auction trip, third one in a row. It will be nice to have it behind us.
We have a bottle baby now our little goat is a bit of a nuisance, I have to trick her to stop her from following me home. She is way smarter than me...
Have a wonderful Friday
can not
believe how
the weeks are

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello again we are still very busy. This is our bunnies hide away that my boys made for them. The rabbits loves this little house.

We brought down fences. We raked pine needles. We burned piles. We hauled rubbish away and slowly we won.
I have planted lavender in our new garden we are at two hundred and twenty plants. I am not sure if all of the plants will take. I also have made cuttings from other plants. So we shall see.
I am off to count other gardens tonight to see what count I come up with.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wow it has been quite a few days but that just goes to show you that I have been extremely BUSY. It has been never ending days.
All week we have been dealing with Brown Goat she became extremely sick, so all week we have been watching her. Many trips out to the barn all night long. Finally on Friday she had a baby girl plus she had a little boy he was breach and never took a breath. Poor little guy. Actually there was nothing little about them. Big babies, which was a surprise as she has not been well for the whole pregnancy.
We have been bottle feeding the little baby. The poor ole mom is in rough shape so I have to figure out how to get her better and to gain weight. She sure does love her little girl though.
So we have one sheep left to lamb thank goodness! I am exhausted.
The last two weekends we have done auction trips and now that leaves us one trip done. Hopefully next week.
We are going to only keep the hair sheep and a few goats.
It is hard to do, hard to send them away this is the part I hate.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter
from Brown Goat

Easter egg dying

Painting bird houses

Babies first Easter

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday
Happy Easter from Sunflower Farm
We were greeted with the arrival of a big ram lamb.
Now I am off to feed our rabbits so they don't go hopping off with the Easter Bunny

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I just updated my blog to a new way. So this is my first post...I really hate writing a great Post only to not be able to publish it.
This last month has been crazy, unreal busy. We are down to our last two sheep to lamb and one goat. Not a great season. The goats were poor and a lot of single babies.
Our weather has been typical Spring cold, damp, freezing nights and a few warm hours.
I have been spending a lot of my time cleaning and I think I am winning. It truly is amazing how much mess comes from Winter. Why? every year the same.
I am selling some sheep and a few goats this spring. I need to order gov. sheep tags. and get onto that this week.
Our little grandson was visiting he is so cute. I will leave you with a picture of him.

Monday, April 02, 2012