Sunday, August 18, 2013

Middle of August all ready.
 I am sure hoping I get into a routine with the blog again it really is a good journal to have. This summer has sadly flown by absolutely amazing how quick it has been. My husband has been on the road a lot and I think that is why the weeks fly as I keep myself extremely busy. Then the rest of the time I stress myself about money, bills and all that not so nice stuff.
This fall all the kids go back to school which is funny the older three are all going to school one in Heavy duty mechanics, one in Early childhood education and the other into business. The younger two are in grade ten and grade twelve and my middle one is still in firefighting hoping to get any extension into the fall.
The gardens have done well.
The Lavender was perfect however it did all bloom and was ready to harvest all at the same time. With our extreme heat it was a challenge to keep the gardens moist. I did expand the one garden and I added to them all summer so lets hope winter is kind to them.

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