Friday, May 02, 2014

Time is marching on by we are already into May ~ how does that happen.

We are in birthday mode we have one celebration after another.
It goes Easter, birthday, birthday, birthday, Mothers day, birthday, wedding shower, grad , wedding shower, birthday wedding...all within the next three months.

Crazy busy

Our weather has been nice the last few days and it made a lot of the trees come out into bloom so pretty with a nice scent amidst the farm.
My new orchard is nearly all planted I need two more trees to even it out and I am thinking pear tree and maybe apricot. The only problem with pear and apricot is they bloom early and we always get frost.
On our road trip last weekend I saw Apple trees that are just like straight sticks column tree I think they maybe called whole fields of them. I would like to get some of those but I wonder where you find them. They really are cool looking

Well I must run and try to finish my walk way today and that means loads of smaller rock from the rock bluff and then that means a whole lot of heavy lifting

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