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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We had an amazing snow storm today. It did not last too long but a lot of snow fell for a bit. It was very pretty. Funny time here Rain and wind in the night. Ice! so much ice in our yard deadly to walk on. We have a a busy time. Christmas tree hunting and the day out driving, Christmas shopping, Secrets, giggles, singing , laughing, baking cookies, eating chocolates and Birthday cake.
Today I put a few more decorations and baked some short bread. Right now we are putting a plate together for our bus driver.
My goalie has had very bad back ache today and yesterday. I have had him soak in Epsom salts.
Today our phone must have rung fifty times it was going on all day.
Well off to make some supper and ice some cookies.
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Jane said...

I really want to get onto my christmas cookies too,maybe my little neice will help me next week.Enjoy.

Silk said...

Make sure you use lots of epsom salts... 6 cups per bath tub....