Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is anyone else in a snow storm. I am! Ahh I am so not cut out for this winter driving...
It has snowed on and off all day. I guess it had to come sooner than later but ahh!!!
I did start the ice rink today but now you would never know it, I can 't see it at all.
Life here has a great way of being stressful. You can be sailing along and then bam life knocks you back. I kind of feel like climbing in a hole or covering myself over with a blanket and then crawl out when it is calm.
I have been working on a Christmas stocking for my oldest son's girlfriend it is coming along quite nice. I will post a picture soon.
Our female Alpacas are so enjoying their new spot, they are absolutely loving  roaming around the acreage. I have never seen them so happy, my Dad thinks it is because they can look down on the property. He says they feel like they are in Peru.
Well I hope you all stay safe tonight. Have a wonderful  evening.

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