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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Since the dealership is taking it's sweet, bloody time with my truck...We could not do hockey last night, no real hardship for me. However my boys do really love the darn sport.
 Anyways, yesterday afternoon to early evening we actually had time to do some work, time to do some farming.
 We had many, many bags of wonderful wool, amazing fibre. The fibre was so amazing, our dogs found it and loved it too. Ruined, most of it!
We loaded, and loaded some more a huge tractor load. Then we used a giant bulk bag to clean and fill full. We raked and cleaned the barn. We lost the goat, that snuck out on Hyacinth, only to find the goat in the chicken house eating their grain.
During this whole cleaning frenzy we did not see one mouse. A month ago they would run in front of me, pass right next to my feet, climb up walls. You could actually here them scurry at night. It was horrible.
Well, we have been raiding war on them and without sounding to cocky, I think...I think we might be winning.

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