Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We have been very busy plus no Internet, so no post writing on the blog.
We enjoyed our long weekend. Our weather was not overly nice but the upside was it did not snow:)

We celebrated our youngest son's birthday all .... weekend. He had great fun his friend visited twice, he golfed, he ate lots of cake, he drank lots and lots of pop. He opened presents and he shopped.

Over the last three weeks we have done some great projects. An arbour, a new dove home, and a new sitting area garden.
  Our doves love their new home but it is attracting Hawks and the hawks are trying to reach the doves through the wire. We have since added two pieces of plywood to the roof.
All our outbuildings have been getting painted. The look so fresh and clean. So far the last two Springs we have had the most work done to our farm in  a long time. Fencing so much fencing. Cleaning which is honestly never ending. I hope all our hard work will be done when the hot weather arrives and we can relax a bit over the summer.

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