Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We have had a wonderful collection of birds lately. We moved our feeder out and it has attracted so many. We do not usually feed them in the warmer months but we have so many nesting it really is amazing. And, man do those parents work they are constantly taking worms to their babies.
Our weeks are turning around so fast. We have accomplished lots! Sad thing is by fall I will have to do it all again and ugg next Spring all those pine needles can nearly make my cry thinking of them.
It is June and so cold. Yesterday our house was just plain ol nasty so we pulled out our polar necks, warm pants and lit the fire all day.
The only good thing was we did need the rain and that also means we can turn off the irrigation for a few days.
I will be putting up some great pictures my daughter took out in our yard this last weekend she really did an amazing job.

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