Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy days
Making syrup for another lavender farm, sixty bottles.
I have been making a lot of product for the Lavender farm over the winter, so we are good and stocked right now.
The Lavender house will be bursting at the seems.

We are getting closer to lambing, I sure hope it goes smooth and no problems. I will have to teach our Grandson how to farm.
Here he is having a little computer time, watching because he know he is not suppose to be on it.
Our hockey is slowing down a bit which is nice. Time to move onto other things.
Our middle daughter is home for a couple of days she is on reading break, so she is have a nephew fix for the next few days.
Well I am off to make up more syrup.

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Linda said...

Greetings from Montreal, Quebec. Your grandson is really sweet.