Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well it has been several weeks since I wrote and if I wait any longer for my computer it may just take forever. I took my computer in for a scan and all hell broke loose the windows program needed repairing and now it will be nearly two hundred dollars. They did phone last night it is finally fixed but now I will have to wait to pick it up.
We have gone through some very nice hot weather perfect just like August weather now we are cold again. It is so crazy.

My middle son has been accepted again to being a wildfire fire fighter. So he is on night shift darn it must be cold at night for him.A rude awakening for sure.

I have our Grandson most days of the week now so I get more playing than work done. Today our daughter is picking him up so outside I go to work. It is pretty crazy juggling kids work, grandson baby sitting with sharing vehicles.

Farm animals are doing well just hanging out eating. Everything seems to be coasting along. The new chicks are growing like weeds. We have three stages of young ones. In the incubator we have duck eggs and peacock eggs so I do hope some of them will hatch.

As I am sitting here typing my house is down right cold I think will go light the fire.
 Have an incredible day

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