Friday, May 24, 2013

The weeks are flying by we have gone from hot summer weather to cold down pours of rain it looks like it should be nice again. Border line frost last night when I woke up at five am it was 1.2 degrees.
We are coasting along my one is fire fighting so adds more to the back and forth, my one daughter has had a job for about a month quite far out of town  which has made us really have juggle vehicles and such. She will be done there in another week or so and her next job is right in town. The two youngest are near the home stretch of school thanks goodness it has been a long year.

We have our Grandson five days a week while our daughter finishes up her practicum and school. He is getting easier to have on the farm as he is more mobile and we can be outside more now. I am not going to lie most of my day is made up of hugging and kissing-he really is sweet.

The chicks are growing like weeds it is time to move a few around maybe after this weekend once we get two more pens finished. Our one Alpaca had a little baby girl she is so tiny and very, very cute.  We also had one lone turkey hatch she is so cute she is a blue slate turkey and I do need a friend for her.

Next Tuesday we are having two day cares visit the farm we have not done that for a very long time and then in the afternoon I am being recruited to take my grandson for his needles-so not cool.

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