Monday, April 07, 2014

It has been so crazy here on the farm no time for blogging at all. We have been in a mind crazy cleaning and sorting stage Huge, huge amounts of work done.
It is amazing how much work we are getting done. We have done some real nasty jobs that we looked at for years ~ yes years and could not face.
Our wood shed turned  into a storing shed which turned into a complete dump it is all empty  and clean now we are deciding pull it down and rebuild or leave it. Maybe we don't have to decide right now it is just clean.

I planted six new plum trees in a new area it will look so nice. First a couple of weekends ago my husband flattened the area with the tractor then we raked and made piles which I will move later today. We coyote proofed the back fence some more. Then in went six trees all plum five of one kind and one that is different plum. I would like to add some different fruit trees but I picked up the plum trees really reasonably priced. Now I will still work on the area throw a bit more grass seed and make into a relaxing orchard. Ahh so excited.

We also moved a cage and shed from my Mom's yard so we have an extra cage at the barn which is already in use. The shed is in the lavender garden to hold little tables, garden tools and lawn mower.
So we will keep ongoing with Spring cleaning

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