Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Morning this is the rock bluff where I get my rocks from this picture just does not show how awesome it really is. Always have one eye on those rocks never take for granted you are at the bottom...

 I have moved so many rocks but the gardens are looking great. I have been working like crazy here every Spring it is intense but with my daughter changing her wedding from November to July a little bit of panic mode hit me. Why? well it does not matter what I have plans for wedding etc. the lavender blooms like clock work and that alone is a huge amount of work.
My Mom and I are ordering some chicks and a few turkeys this Spring The turkeys are ready so I am getting them Sat. I already have a house cleaned for them all I have to do it put on the heat lamp.
I am so stalling this morning as it is snowing again ahh so miserable out'

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