Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First day back to school or at least it should be it is perfect weather dreary, wet and gray outside. The teachers have been on strike since June and the two sides still can't get their selves together. Then once they figure it out they think the kids can bounce back and jump in ~ oh they all say it is for the kids I truly believe at this time of the strike they are not thinking of the kids.
I have been using  a rototiller my sister and her husband have been letting me use. It is hard work and totally messes with my neck but I did manage to get the herb garden redone with the herbs replanted and sitting in the soil with a nice rain on them. I had let this garden go during the course of getting ready for the wedding.
This last weekend I used the time to visit with my kids our youngest daughter was home for a few days so I did a quick road trip with two of our girls it was fun to spend the time together. Our middle son we have hardly seen him he has been away all summer fighting forest fires the only time was when he was home for his three day break in between.
It is time to head to the auction one more time this year to sell off some ducks, rabbits a few turkey and a couple of lambs. Now it is getting hard to find the time to schedule a trip with hockey starting, hockey has a way of sucking the life out of life.
Our kitten have all gone to their new homes they were special kitties they were born on the full moon and on the night of our daughters wedding. Now as soon as I can afford to take Studio to the vet I will get her spayed.

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