Thursday, September 25, 2014

September on the farm has proven to be a very busy time with the delay of school for three weeks it was a bonus and a time of frustration. We used the time to work here on the farm, to enjoy the extra summer,  and to play and entertain Cash our grandson. It was equally just as frustrating knowing the government and teachers had our children as pawns. In total they missed five weeks of school! do you know how we would be harassed if we kept our children home for five weeks? In the picture above this is our youngest son starting grade eleven.
So hard to believe.
 We have been making fruit leather here we took our plums from our trees washed them well in the sink and then dried them off. Each plum was cut in half, pip removed then laid out on cookie sheets with an edge cooked for twenty minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees it is important you stay close by so you can keep an eye on the plums so they do not burn. When they are cooked for the twenty minutes remove them from the oven (they are extremely hot). Once all cooked I put the plums into a food processor blend well so there are no big bits. Then pour pureed plums onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper approximately 1/4 of an inch deep and pop them into the oven at 170 degrees to dry out the moisture. This took me a very long time. You must keep checking so it does not over dehydrate or burn.
 Once free of all moisture and liquid cool and cut with a pizza cutter.

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