Thursday, October 02, 2014

I have been getting things done here that fell behind with all the wedding prep. this Spring and Summer. Our boys fixed fences that were down and that alone is huge and such a great feeling to have done. The back door and steps are painted  earlier this year my dad's dog went crazy on a thunder storm and chewed them up ~ so now it is a bright turquoise blue. I have moved in the wood that was cut but seriously if it gets cold I will burn in a full week, fire wood is next on our list. Our hay is in, ready to feed all those hungry mouths during the cold snowy winter months. In front of our house I had a large bird cage that has been moved the pond has been moved and the area is in the process of being cleaned. It is a great feeling to get the tiding done because it can get messy real quick.
Yesterday was a soap afternoon made up of two batches that will be ready in about eight weeks. The flavours are orange and poppy ~ seed, lavender and lily of the valley.

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