Tuesday, October 07, 2014

We have been bring in fire wood and that is such a great feeling. Our weather has been so nice it is hard to imagine there will be snow. I have been to general cleaning putting things away that get set out during garden time. Moving things around and finding any garbage that needs to be dealt with.
Flower Pots there are so many~ I threw them all out but the funny thing is I always seem to go back and get some more. Next Spring I will transplant some twisted willow and have them for sale at the lavender house. (www.petitcreeklavender.com)
Last night in the gardens it was beautiful, amazing with such deep rich colours every where you look. It is funny sometimes you can walk out and things just look the same you notice things that need fixing or removing and then the next time you can go out you are in awe of the colours everything catches your eye

 May your day be full of blessings and take the time to see the beauty around you

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