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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another dead eel. Imagine how stressed they get when the tide is going out.

This was a pretty purple

I was quite enjoying these waves

Just for the record I was not going to put these pictures up. My computer has a total mind of it's own
I have pictures up on face book so my kids and husband can follow my trip.
I post these here as one of my sisters does not do face book. I have tried so many creams on all day people give you samples to try. Mom and I left home by between 7:00 am and 7:30 to head off to a flee market. We had a bit of trouble finding it but we did find it in the end. It was big a lot to look at. I bought a moon stone ring in silver and two hippy dresses. We then went to the mall and to check out Macy's. I picked up a thing for my computer to use on my big camera to down load pictures. Then we came home and visited Heide and her friend. Then I went for a walk along the beach and Mom went to visit at the pool.
On my walk again I plugged myself in and listened to great music. I find as soon as I get brave I get shoved back a few notches. I decide to climb up on these black lava rocks that look over the ocean so I could admire the water while listening to awesome music. When I saw something move so I looked again got a bit closer. It was as big as my fist( my hands are not small) so take my fist and add eight legs onto it. It was black and yellow. I swear it was a tarantula but mom is not sure if they have them here. Well I beg to differ I saw it it was fast. I will go google it after. HUGE LESSON WHILE ON THE BEACH DON'T LOOK DOWN...AND ONE SHOULD WEAR RUBBER BOOTS!
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